What are the 4 main types of investing? 

The world of investing can often be confusing. So here we explain the four main types of investments you can choose from.  Cash  Cash investments include everyday bank accounts, high-interest savings accounts, and time deposits, which typically offer the lowest potential returns among the four different types of investments.  However, it is always good to […]

Why should I diversify my stock portfolio? 

By holding stocks from different categories, diversification reduces risk in the world of investing. Diversification allows you to minimize risk, which will likely help you maximize your stock returns by investing in different stocks that are likely to react differently to the same event or market condition.  Steps to diversify your portfolio  Invest in companies […]

What is growth investing? 

We all want our portfolio to grow. Here is a brief explanation of investment strategy and a great growth stock to consider.  What are growth investments?  The goal of growth investing is to increase the capital of an investor. Since these shareholders want to maximize their profits, growth investing is also known as a capital […]

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